With only a few days to go, here are some more hand built carts that will be racing this Sunday!

Team: Stone Dead Last

Team: Stone Dead Last

Sponsor: Maidstone Accident & Emergency Dept.
Driver: James Curtin
Interesting Fact about driver: Likes laying down in the dark gazing at the ceiling says he could set a new world record for gorming.
Interesting Fact about cart: Based on a winning Aston Martin design (seriously).



Another quality build

Another quality build

Drivers: Richard Gilbert
Interesting Fact about driver: Ex-banger racer
Thanks to: In advance, the Ambulance Service.



and here’s an updated image of Anthony Winter & Andrews Smalls finished cart……

Anthony Winter & Andrew Small's finished cart
Anthony Winter & Andrew Small’s finished cart

Desperate to enter the Gravity Grand Prix but left it too late to build a cart?

Desperate to enter the Gravity Grand Prix but left it too late to build a cart? No need to despair – we might have just what you need…

Keith Lee got in touch from Burgess Hill to say he had an unwanted cart which needs “a bit of finishing off” and kindly offered it to anyone who wanted to enter it in the Reach Valley Gravity Grand Prix. We thought this was too good an offer to turn down so we said “Yes please” and it arrived in Glynde this morning.

A quick inspection revealed that it would need the addition of some brakes, a steering wheel (or handle bars) and a seat – none of which should be too difficult or expensive. If you’re interested and would like to have a closer look please get in touch ASAP.
Many thanks to Keith.

If you are interested, please contact us via email: gravitygp@glynde.info or telephone: 01273 858227

We’ve got a sneak preview for you…….

Team CB Winter & Sons have shared a preview of their gravity cart, made completely from recycled materials, here’s some pics;

Team name & sponsor: C. B. Winter & Sons.

Drivers: Anthony Winter & Andrew Small.

Interesting Fact about cart: Made completely out of recycled materials.

Thanks to: Light Brothers for donating materials.

Only a few more days to enter, so remember to get your entry form back to us if you haven’t sent it already.

We have been offered some wheels!

If anyone still needs some wheels for their cart we’ve been offered a couple of Mountain Board trucks.

The axles are only 15″ (380mm) long so you may have to lengthen or replace that.
The wheels have five spokes and are made of seemingly strong plastic. The bearings are free running.
The tyres are marked Runner 200×50, inflate to 50psi although only one of them holds air at the moment… That one is 8″ (200mm) in diameter & 2″ (50mm) wide when inflated.

If anyone can use them please get in touch (gravitygp@glynde.info).
Thanks to Siobhan (& Dominic).

gravity wheels